Bitcoin price alerts for busy people

Be notified whenever your bitcoins gain/lose over 5% of their value

Stop wasting time looking up the latest price and doing the mental math of how your investment is doing. We will send you a personalized email each time your bitcoins gain or lose more than 5% of their value.

Example Email Alert

Subject: Bitcoin UP 7%!
To: <>

Hey ,

Bitcoin has gone up 7% since your last alert (10 days ago)!

Today: $23,097.96
10 days ago: $21,481.10

Your bitcoins have gained 67% since you bought them at $13,831.11/BTC. Wow!

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Hi, I'm Marc.

I created this service because I personally wanted a way to passively keep an eye on my bitcoins, without the neurosis of constantly looking up the latest price. I only wanted to be notified whenever its value changed significantly. I hope you enjoy this service too.